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Boulder Atheists was formed as a service organization. As such, there are several ways you as a member can be of service to the community. And of course, if you have any suggestions for future service opportunities, please write to .

Helping those in Need

The Boulder Atheists encourage community members to materially support those who are struggling with social, economic, and personal challenges. One way that we do this is collect items for and encourage donation to the Boulder Shelter for the Homeless.

We also support and encourage community members to contribute to national and international secular organizations that support non-proselytizing humanitarian relief efforts. One such vehicle for supporting this effort is Non-Believers Giving Aid . This effort was set up in the aftermath of the devastating earthquakes in Haiti in early 2010. The vision is to collect relief aid not only for Haiti but for future needs as well. Donations to Non-Believers Giving Aid can be designated to support either Doctors Without Borders (Médecins sans Frontières) or the International Red Cross.

Keep it Clean

The Boulder Atheists have adopted a section of road. Please join us once per quarter to pick up trash under the 28th Street bridge on Baseline with the other Boulder Atheists. We also encourage you to pick up litter if you happen to be passing Baseline between 27th and 29th Streets.

Bleed for the Cause

Atheist Blood Drive

The Boulder Atheists encourage community members to contribute to secular organizations that make a material impact on the welfare of others. One way we do this is to encourage community members to donate blood at their nearest Bonfils Blood Center (in Boulder, they are at 28th and Valmont) and tell them your donation is for the Boulder Atheists.

We also encourage members to log a record of their blood donations at the Atheist Volunteers website. Their goal is to show how much impact a small group of committed individuals can make, by uniting atheists around this important and ongoing need.

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