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Previous Events and Meetings

The following is a sample of presentations, events, and activities organized by the Boulder Atheists.

Guest Speakers

Victor Stenger Ph.D author of God: the Failed Hypothesis and Quantum Gods: Creation, Chaos, and the Search for Cosmic Consciousness and others. Vic Stenger is a vocal advocate of atheism as he discusses in his books. His presentations to the Boulder Atheists about the lack of evidence for the existence of gods were in connection with the publication of his books.

Matt Young Ph.D co-author or editor of Why Evolution Works (and Creationism Fails) and Why Intelligent Design Fails A Scientific Critique of the New Creationism and an adjunct professor at the Colorado School of Mines. Matt has also authored articles on Evolution vs. Creationism, humanism, religion, and others. Matt is an active contributor in the battle to thwart the Intelligent Design agenda. Matt shared his knowledge and views on the Evolution vs. Intelligent Design debate.

David Eller - A Colorado resident and author of Natural Atheism and Atheism Advanced: Further Thoughts of a Freethinker. David presented a number of his views on atheism. A review of one of his books can be seen at: Natural Atheism Book Review at

R. G. Price is another Colorado resident who researches and writes about a variety of topics of interest to secularists and rationalists on his web site: Rational Revolution. R. G. presented some of his research on Christian history.

Lena Phoenix - author of The Heart of a Cult
Lena's novel incorporates many of the experiences and discoveries of the author in her journeys through alternative spirituality groups. In her presentation to the Boulder Atheists, Lena discussed her increased awareness of the subtle methodologies employed by spritual leaders and gurus to manipulate the thoughts and emotions of their followers. This includes instilling deep self-doubt in the follower's minds about the validity of their own thoughts, memories, and efficacy of their own cognitive processes and reasoning. Another common characteristic is that despite all their honest and sincere efforts, followers are assured that they can never attain nor surpass the level of enlightment of their leaders.

Sean Curley an active Colorado Humanist, made a presentation reviewing many of the tenets and ideas of modern Humanism and how they compare with Atheism.

Sean's involvement in promoting Humanism and Atheism includes being a Humanist Celebrant, performing non-religious weddings and other ceremonies and authorship of a book called Humanism for Parents - Parenting without Religion. Sean is on the board of the Boulder International Humanist Institute (BIHI), he has a web site at :

Patricia Highby Ph.D - author of God is Not Green
The March 2010 meeting included a presentation by Patricia Highby, Ph.D. including information about her recently e-published book: God is Not Green, The Scary Story of Christian Sytematic Theology. The book is an examination and expose of the history and development of Christian belief systems that go beyond simple belief in God to necessarily include many consequent ideas hostile to ecology, social justice, and science.

Patricia Highby is a former professor of theology and philosophy at Urbana University in Ohio. Earlier in her life, she and her husband were Lutheran missionaries. She considers herself as the Atheist Theologian and is an advocate for separation of church and state, among other positions.

Member Presentations

The Case of Walter Plywaski
The August 2009 meeting included a presentation by Walter, one of our community members. Walter recounted his personal experiences of being a young Jewish teenager in depression-era Poland, the experience of living in a Nazi-imposed ghetto, to the horrors of Nazi labor and extermination camps. Walter has researched many sources that describe the extraordinary people and behaviors of those involved on both sides. He has also collected many photographs of actual locations were he experienced these atrocities.

Wladyslav's (Walter) quest for freedom included a fortuitious and daring escape from a Dachau work camp toward the advancing U.S. Army in Southern Germany. Later, after serving in the US Air Force in post-World War 2 Japan, Walter was recommended for naturalization as a U. S. citizen. When a religiously-conservative district court judge rejected his request for citizenship due to Walter's avowed atheism, the case and its reversal went on to become an important judicial precedent in protecting the rights of non-theists in the United States.

Review of Modern Cosmology

The February 2010 meeting included a short presentation on modern Cosmology. Modern cosmology can be viewed as foundational support for naturalistic non-theism. Marion, one of our community members, shared with us several recent discoveries, a concept for the magnitude of the awe-inspiring universe in which we live, and how this might shape one's world view.

Marion has a Bachelor's degree in Physics and a Master's in Mechanical Engineering and a keen interest in cosmology.

Religion and the Development of US Civilization

Our November 2009 meeting included a presentation to coincide with the Thanksgiving season. Jim, one of our board members, discussed how religious attitudes in the British colonies influenced the subsequent development of American Civilization. The presentation looked at several of the social and economic factors that shaped the demographics of the early British colonies. This included a review of the conflicting motivations of the Spanish Conquistadors, the surprisingly secular political views of the New England Puritans, and an unlikely alliance between Thomas Jefferson and baptist fundamentalists that helped solidify the doctrine of separation of church and state.

Dr. Dino Video
In our October 2009 meeting we viewed a video associated with Creation Science Evangelism (a.k.a. where Ken Hovind confidently presented several of his extraordinary views of the history of the Earth. Afterwards group discussion included the challenges of countering the methods used by such figures to persuade and control the thoughts of those who choose to follow them.

Public Outreach

Boulder Atheists hosted a booth at the Boulder Creek Festival on May 23 through May 25 2009. The booth was staffed by volunteers from our members and supporters. We offered amusing bumper stickers to interested visitors and discussed our non-theistic views with those curious enough to ask.


The Boulder Atheists organize Summer and Winter Solstice Socials for community members and visitors looking to meet and converse with non-theistic, skeptic, and humanistic people in the Boulder area. Members of the Boulder Atheists community gather for a secular social event without any superstitious, ritualistic, or ceremonial elements. The event includes a casual potluck meal, drinks, and spirited conversation.

If you recall an event not posted here that you feel should be included in this list, please email the details to .

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