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What is an atheist?

Theism is a belief in a god or gods. Atheism is a lack of belief in any gods. An atheist is anyone who lacks belief in gods. This includes freethinkers, agnostics, skeptics, secular humanists, and many who call themselves "non-religious."

Do atheists hate god?

No. Most atheists see god as a myth, just the way most people today think of Zeus or unicorns. Atheism wouldn't even be a word if there weren't god beliefs.

Are atheists afraid of going to hell when they die?

No. Most atheists realize hell is a myth created by those in power to induce fear into those who might stray from the "flock." Inducing fear of punishment in others as a strategy for control is as old as humanity and is very effective. Some atheists even feel it is a form of abuse to terrify children with the hell myth.

Where do most atheists stand on the issues of the day?

A key concern of most American atheists is keeping the government from promoting religion. The constitution never mentions god and it prohibits the entanglement of church and state. Generally, American atheists want the government to honor the constitution and stop funding religion with tax dollars and tax breaks.

Are atheists trying to recruit people to their point of view?

Most atheists are simply non-believers who don't want religion forced on them or their families.

How can an atheist be ethical and moral without an absolute moral authority like the Bible?

Atheists don't accept any of the hundreds of religions or their books of mythology as a moral authority. The vague and contradictory language of the Bible, the Torah, the Koran and other religious documents has been used to justify slavery, genocide, and torture. They have been used to abuse women and children. They have often been used to kill or marginalize believers of the "wrong" religion.

Most atheists use logic and reason to determine their own moral code. Acting responsibly and morally without a god mythology superimposed is a rewarding feeling.

Religious people often argue that without fear of a god's punishment any behavior is acceptable. Atheists realize that every society has very clear consequences for breaking its rules. Atheists have no use for an imaginary supernatural punishment.

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