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If you don't believe in supernatural entities or powers, if you are concerned about religious intolerance or religiously motivated violence, if you rely on human reasoning and science to guide your decisions and behavior, if you have a naturalistic view of the world, or you just don't believe in God or gods, you are not alone. The Boulder Atheists group provides presentations, meetings, and serves as a social community for Colorado atheists, agnostics, rationalists, secular humanists, Brights,and free thinkers in Boulder County, Broomfield County, the North Denver Metro area, and beyond.

Our Motto

"No gods, no devils, no heaven, no hell,
just the wonderful universe around us."

Boulder Atheists wish to promote the understanding and acceptance of atheism in Colorado and America with education, good deeds and public activities. Although we welcome those who wish to discuss the subject of atheism, our main goal is activism and community.

Events & Announcements

Please visit our Events page to see a listing of meetings and events scheduled by the Boulder Atheists. You can also find information about meetings with other atheist, free thought, skeptic, and secular humanist organizations in Northern Colorado. For a calendar of events and activities, please visit our Events page on this website or our® calendar.

Monthly Meetings

The Boulder Atheists organize regular group meetings during the year to hear guest speakers,make presentations, hold discussions, socialize, and plan activities. Please see our Meetup calendar for details on upcoming meetings and activities.

The monthly meetings are usually held on the fourth Sunday of the month, but may be held at other times when a suitable meeting room is not available.

Social Activities

Looking for an easy way to meet local atheists and find out more about our group? A friendly group of the Boulder Atheists meets for lunch and socializing every Thursday starting at 12:30PM. You are welcome to join them and find out more about who we are. We are meeting at the Tres Margaritas Mexican Restuarant in Boulder at Iris and 28th Street. Check the Meetup calendar for location information.

We also organize a monthly evening social for those who can't get away in the middle of the day. See our page for more information.

If you would like an event posted on our calendar, please email the details to .

Boulder Atheists is an affiliate of Atheist Alliance of America Boulder Atheists is an affiliate of Atheist Alliance International
Boulder Atheists is an affiliate of American Atheists

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See our Past Events page for examples of our meetings and activities.

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